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Live-in relationship

In India, cohabitation had been a taboo since British rule. However, this is no longer true in big cities, but is still often found in rural areas with more conservative values. Recently, Punjab and Haryana high court has made it clear that an individual has the right to formalise the relationship with the partner throughContinue reading “Live-in relationship”


Union Minister of Rural Development launched National Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) app and Area officer monitoring App. About: The NMMS App permits taking real time attendance of workers at Mahatma Gandhi NREGS worksites along with geotagged photograph, which will increase citizen oversight of the programme besides potentially enabling processing payments faster. Area Officer Monitoring AppContinue reading “NMMS APP”


Scientists have warned that environmental degradation is destroying ecosystem and if we continue to play with our Mother earth this way, days aren’t far when there will be nothing left. Extraordinary heat is dramatically melting the ice in Greenland, in the Arctic and on European glacier. A giant slab of ice bigger than the SpanishContinue reading “THE WORLDS LARGEST ICEBERG A76”

PRIMIGRAVIDA : The first Pregnancy

I will help you navigate through the wonders and experiences which lie ahead in pregnancy. Nurturing yourself and the baby in the womb is the loveliest time of a woman’s life. There may be a few hurdles too in giving birth but life full of adversities and obstacles makes her the divine power, she isContinue reading “PRIMIGRAVIDA : The first Pregnancy”