Happy international women empowerment day

India is even known for its sobriquet male-chauvinistic nation.Women are the companion of man,gifted with equal mental capabilities.She has the right to participate in every minute detail of activities of man and she has an equal right of freedom and liberty with him.She is entitled to a supreme place in her own sphere of activityContinue reading “Happy international women empowerment day”

PERMANENT COMMISSION to women,a great leap towards equality in army.

India an aspiring global power cannot be discredited with gender disparity. Earlier the government denied the proposal for granting Permanent commission merely on the basis that they are women.Other reasons being:1.women not fit to serve in ground combat roles 2.Motherhood,childcare have a bearing on employment of women officer in army 3.deployment of women officers wasContinue reading “PERMANENT COMMISSION to women,a great leap towards equality in army.”


We humans are prone to beautiful things in our daily life.We keep the rarest and the most beautiful birds in our canary.We choose the most beautiful dogs or cats or other animals as our pets.We buy attractive clothes.We build beautiful houses.But when it comes to our life companion one must consider other things too. AContinue reading “AN INTELLIGENT, A WEALTHY OR A BEAUTIFUL WIFE ?”

Aadhaar in India

Aadhaar is a verifiable 12-digit identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to the Residents of India for free of cost. DOES NOT CONFIRMS YOUR CITIZENSHIP The Aadhaar number on its own does NOT provide citizenship. It is just a unique number based on your biometric data. IS IT MANDATORY TO GET AADHAARContinue reading “Aadhaar in India”


Sex education plays a very important role in today’s epoch.This education is far more than just sex ,its about maintaining healthy relations,respecting each others body, nurturing good values regarding relationships and much more. In our country when the information is good it is not always delivered when it is needed because we often feel embarrassedContinue reading “SEX EDUCATION”

Fighting the Depression Bomb

It’s about my momWho beared the depression bombIt’s about her lifeThat was in a depressed strife It all started from FacebookAnd ended up in a storybookBooks and music were her favouriteSo I used them as a bait I kept her busy with booksWhich helped in improving her looksI kept her busy in musicShe forgot theContinue reading “Fighting the Depression Bomb”

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