To every broken heart girl

For every girl out there who has a broken heart
Today I have something for you in my art
It’s related to real stories happening around
And there is something I have found
Something that make girls feel uncomfortable
Something that changes their heart
That makes them listen sad songs in dark

It’s a broken heart

Heartbreak is something which scares you the most
It’s something that scares you like a ghost
I can smell your bleeding heart
Cz I have a heart that is too smart
To feel your real pain
A pain so inhumane

You don’t even want to see that someone
Someone who broke your heart and flee
Who forgot about you in a day or two
Someone who promised to stay and never adieu
He cheated and left you
When he came to know that there was a baby too

Girls ,they don’t deserve you at all
Who leave you behind to fall
Not someone who puts you down
To let you drown

I realise that how much it hurts
When someone diverts
Time today is getting worse
Something like an old curse

But I know you are meant for something more
So realise your worth and try to open another door
You have got power to think
And know ways to tackle a deep love shrink
Don’t let a lusty man find you
Ink yourself with a Phoenix tattoo

All the pains and flames made you stronger
Now fake people will not last longer
After so much hurt and pain
You will never love again
Not even another friend
Because that liar has set you to a fucking end

But there is something I wanted to imbue
To all the girls struggling like you
That if love can break your heart
I have the power to fix it through my writing art
Its hard to see everything you went through
But my poems will definitely give you reasons to renew

Published by Manal Singh Pathania

A science student and a business man who loves to write ,sketch and spread humanity among people around.I write to enhance my skills and to spread positivity.I will be very thankful to u all if you will go through my stuff.

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